There are quite a large number of sights related to the name of Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov in Ulyanovsk. The perpetuation of the memory of the writer started soon after his death.
A free public library named after I.A.Goncharov was opened in 1893 in Simbirsk.
In 1907 the Memorial Plaque appeared at the corner of the building where the author was born.
In 1912, when the city was celebrating Goncharov's centenary on a grand scale, the Memorial Summer House was erected in Vinnovskaya Roscha, and the building of Goncharov's Memorial House was began on Venets(it was finished in 1916); the central street Bolshaya Saratovskaya was renamed into Goncharov's street.
In the Soviet years a bust and a monument were raised in honor of the writer.
In 2001 the Central City Library was named after Goncharov.
Not long ago, a monument to Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov and the character of his novel Ilya Oblomov, - "Oblomov's philosophical sofa"- was opened in the square at the corner of Goncharov's and Lenin's streets, just opposite the house where the author was born.

The House of Goncharov

The building, known these days as the House of Goncharov is the latest reconstruction of the house, where the writer was born. At the lifetime of the Goncharovs it was a white two-storey stone building. After the fire in 1864, when the edifice partially burned and many dependencies scorched out, it was sold by the author's brother and then resold some more times. The new owner, a merchant K.I.Jurgens initiated the reconstruction of the house in 1898-1900. One more storey was built on; the outhouses appeared on the each side; the building was faced with red bricks. The edifice got its modern appearance in 1974, when a turret with the city clock was erected at the house-top after architect A.S.Titov's project. In 1982 the Historical-Literature Museum of the writer, the only one in the country, was accommodated on the ground floor of the House of Goncharov.

The Memorial Plaque

Sponsored by the Jurgens-merchants, the new owners of the House of Goncharov, the Memorial Plaque made of Swedish granite was placed on the wall of the author's house, also reconstructed by them, in 1907. There were Goncharov's bust bas-relief and a laurel branch depicted, cast of bronze by sculptor B.M.Mikeshin. Below it was written in golden letters: "Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov was born here on June, 6 in 1812."

Goncharov Memorial House

In 1910 all-Russian collection of money for raising Goncharov's memorial House in Simbirsk began, initiated by Simbirsk Province Scientific Archival Commission. The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of the memorial, which was intended to be finished by the anniversary of the writer, took place on June, 6 in 1912, on the day of his centenary. In 1916 the raising was finished. The author of the project was Simbirsk architect A.A.Shod?. The members of the Scientific Archival Commission planned to accommodate a museum, a library and even an Arts school in this building. In the first years of the Soviet regime the Memorial House was handed over to the United People's Museum, unifying the museums of the city. Nowadays, the Arts museum and the Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy reside in the Goncharov's Memorial House.

Goncharov Memorial Summer House

Goncharov Memorial Summer House was erected in Vinnovskaya Roscha in Kindyakovka at the Volga steep, in the place, described by the author in his novel "The Precipice", in 1912, by the centenary of the writer's birth. Ye.M.Persi-French, the last representative of the Kindyakovs sponsored the raising of this memorial. The author of the project was Simbirsk architect A.A.Shod?. After the construction of Kujbyshevskoye vodokhranilische (i.e. a storage reservoir in Samara) it was carried to a new place and now the Summer House is situated a little to the north of its previous location.

Goncharov street

In 1912, by the centenary of the writer's birth, the central city street, where The House of Goncharov is located, was renamed from Bolshaya Saratovskaya into Goncharov street. In 1918-1941 the street was bearing the name of Karl Marx. In 1941, that is the 50-year anniversary of the writer's death, the street was returned the name of Goncharov.

The Monument to I.A.Goncharov

In 1948, i.e. the 300-year anniversary of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk, the bronze bust of the writer, created by sculptor A.V.Vetrov, was set up near the Dvorets Knigi (Ulyanovsk State Regional Scientific V.I. Lenin Library), where the collection of books and magazines, presented to the city by Goncharov has been kept up to the present time.

The Monument to I.A.Goncharov

In 1965 the Monument to Goncharov, created by sculptor L.M.Pisarevskij, was set up at the intersection of Lenin and Goncharov streets opposite the house where the writer was born.

Goncharov Library

In October, 2001 Ulyanovsk municipal duma decreed to name Ulyanovsk Central City Library after I.A.Goncharov.

The Monument to I.A.Goncharov

In 2003 a monument to I.A.Goncharov, created by sculptor I.L.Zamedyanskij, was set up in Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region).

Oblomov's philosophical sofa

In the square at the corner of Goncharov and Lenin streets, just opposite the house where the author was born, a memorial symbol, dedicated to I.A.Goncharov and the character of his novel I.I.Oblomov- "Oblomov's philosophical sofa"-was set up in October, 2005. It was produced on the demand of the "Mebelgrad"-Trade Complex, LLC "Kommercheskaya nedvizhimost", LLC "Tvorcheskaya masterskaya TALANT"- manufacturing group. In 2006 "Oblomov's slippers" appeared near the "philosophical sofa". The Idea author and the customer was the "Mebelgrad"- Trade Complex, and the blacksmiths of Ulyanovsk smithy "Korch" were the performers.


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