All-Russian and international scientific Goncharov conferences

In 1987 the workers of Goncharov museum in Ulyanovsk renewed the tradition of carrying out the scientific Goncharov conferences (earlier the first and unique Goncharov conference on the native land of the writer was organized by Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore, history and economy named after Goncharov in 1962). The conferences of 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007 received the International status. Every five years the researchers of Goncharov's life and works from different Russian towns and also from the former Soviet republics and other foreign countries gather in Ulyanovsk to exchange ideas about topical problems of Goncharov's creation. The edition of the collection of its materials is the result of each conference. Thus last achievements of Goncharov study are entered into a scientific revolution.

All-Russian Goncharov holidays

The tradition of carrying out annual literary Goncharov festivals was incorporated on the initiative of the workers of created on the writer's native land Goncharov museum in Ulyanovsk in 1979. These festivals are held on Sundays, on the eve of writer's birthday in one of the most picturesque Goncharov places in the city - the "Vinnovskaya roscha" park ("Vinnovskaya grove"), the kept part of the estate, which belonged to the Simbirsk noblemen Kindyakovs, which was described by I.A. Goncharov in the novel "The Precipice". In different years the guests of honour on these holidays were the offspring of the Goncharov's family, who live in Russia and France nowadays, many researchers of works of the great novelist from Russia and foreign countries. Writers and poets, actors and musicians take part in these holidays. Lines from I.A. Goncharov's works and his favourite music performed by Ulyanovsk state academic philharmonic orchestra are traditionally sound. And walk-excursion along Vinnovskaya grove to GoncharovMemorial Summer House, which was established on the Volga precipice, finishes these holidays. Ye.M. Persi-French, the last representative of the Simbirsk Kindyakovs' family, sponsored the raising of this memorial in 1912. In 1990 according to the decision of Board of the Union of writers of the Russian Federation these holidays received the All-Russian status.

Memorial days of I.A. Goncharov

Since 1990 Memorial days of I.A. Goncharov are celebrated annually on the initiative of workers of Goncharov museum in Ulyanovsk. On September 27, on the day of writer's death, the admirers of the talent of the great compatriot come to Goncharov's House (the reconstructed writer's house, on the first floor of which Goncharov museum is placed today). A new program is called their attention every time: the performance of the brass band, the story about a new find, meeting with the offspring of the writer, presentation of a new museum edition. Memorial day begins with the requiem for the repose of the writer in one of the town temples. And this day comes to the end with funeral pies within the precincts of the museum.

The literary award devoted to 200th anniversary of I.A. Goncharov

The Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the Union of writers of the Russian Federation founded the annual Literary award named after I.A. Goncharov in the framework of preparation to the 200th writer's anniversary (2012) since 2006. It is presented in two nominations: to the prose writer, who continues Goncharov traditions in the literature and to the researcher, who made an outstanding contribution to the study of Goncharov's life and works. The award-presenting ceremony is held in the solemn hall of Ulyanovsk state regional scientific library (a former building of Nobility assembly), where the Goncharov's library - books presented by the writer to the town in 1848-1883, is carefully kept today.

Oblomov festivals

In readers' minds, admirers of Goncharov's talent, Simbirsk right after the publication of the novel "Oblomov" began to be perceived not only as the native land of the writer, but also as the native land of the hero created by him. The novel of I.A. Goncharov is known all over the world, and character of I.I. Oblomov today became especially popular and relevant. In 2005 the monument to I.A. Goncharov and I.I Oblomov was established in the form of a sofa - "Oblomov's Philosophical sofa" in the square opposite to the house where the writer was born, in Ulyanovsk. In 2006 opening of the first "Oblomov festival" took place near "Oblomov's Philosophical sofa" on the writer's native land. Oblomovka came alive for the period of the festival in the kept part of old Simbirsk. Here visitors met Oblomov, Stoltz, Zakhar, Agafia Matveevna - heroes of the novel performed by Ulyanovsk actors. Old games, songs, romances, tea from a samovar, well-known Oblomov pie competition - all these helped to plunge into a light and cozy atmosphere of the past and ancient landowner's country estate.


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